Born in Milan on 29 May 1969. Graduated in Economics & Commerce, in the first part of his career Stefano Boldorini has worked as business executive – with experiences in Italy & abroad – in large corporations as well as in small & medium enterprises operating in some of the most innovative sectors appeared from the second half of 90’s onward; then, from 2011, Stefano Boldorini started his entrepreneurial career. Stefano, alongside his professional path, is also active in poetry, painting & photography.


  • “Memories of a prokaryote” (in English language) (Italic Pequod, 2022)
  • “Il Migliore dei Mondi” (Italic Pequod, 2021)
  • “Il Grande Spaesamento” (Italic Pequod, 2020)
  • “Memorie di un procariota” (Italic Pequod, 2020)
  • “Il mio villaggio” (Italic Pequod, 2019)
  • “Segrete ricette” (Italic Pequod, 2018)
  • “Poesie Incise sul Passaporto” (Italic Pequod, 2017)
  • “Incoscienza” (Acquaviva, 2013)
  • “Racconti di Disperata Poesia” (Kataweb/Feltrinelli, 2009)


  • Premio Internazionale di Arte e Letteratura Kalos 2021:
    Second Ranked (“Memorie di un procariota”).
  • Premio Internazionale di Poesia e Letteratura Isola D’Elba 2021:
    Honourable Mention (“Memorie di un procariota”).
  • Premio Internazionale di Poesia e Letteratura Isola D’Elba 2022:
    Special Mention (“Il Migliore dei Mondi”).
  • Premio Letterario Internazionale Samnium 2022: Fourth Ranked and Special Award by the Jury (“Memorie di un procariota”)
  • Premio Culturale Internazionale Unicamilano 2020: Honourable Mention (“Il Migliore dei Mondi”).
  • street photography, reportage, foto d’arte
  • socio Gieffesse/Fiaf
  • personal & Collective exhibitions at Milan & Sesto San Giovanni; Publications (“Sesto Stories”, 2016)
  • Oil, Acrylic & Watercolour

  • figurative abstract artists

  • Academic training with Gino Gini & Fernanda Fedi

  • Personal exhibitions in Milan (Local & Galleries)